Creative Consultant / Designer / Marketing Strategist

  • YES, They Do

    Structure your unique identity to position yourself as an authority in your industry.

  • WordPress?

    Ask me why I build all my websites around the WordPress platform. See some examples.

  • For Events

    Give your group or event the gift of creativity. Great for Corporate Events, Charity Events, Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Trade Shows, any event with a group of five or more.

  • Invest in You

    Increase your assets and form new income streams by investing in your ideas.

  • Need Help?

    From getting your new idea launched to growing your existing business, the steps you take make all the difference.

  • #@!!% No

    What about your company's marketing goals? Are you getting the results you need at the prices you can afford?

  • The Frenzy

    Everyone is claiming to have the best solution for your business. Let me be the judge of that.

  • Marketing Strategist

    Creating strategies and leveraging relationships to obtain the most effective marketing solutions

  • Project Spotlight

    Creating a smartphone app from concept to design