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Prior to founding and becoming Principal of Twelve Thirteen ID, Alan Russell, had worked for Hirsch Bedner for over 20 years. Now with over 25 years of experience, he continues his passion with Twelve Thirteen ID in designing Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Clubs, Spas and Casino projects all over the world. His vast experience within the exclusive Luxury Hospitality market has given him a unique understanding of operator and owner requirements, while inspiring top of the line design solutions.
AGROWN combines proven European hydroponic controlled environment growing technology with a proprietary integrated advanced energy system (CEGS™) developed in the US that optimizes growing for all weather conditions. AGROWN combines NASA renewable fuels technologies with proven European Controlled Environment Agriculture technologies to bring fresh produce year-round, regardless of geographic location.
American Auxiliary Energy
American Auxiliary Energy (AAe) is a US manufacture of Auxiliary Power Units designed to reduce fuel in the Heavy Duty Fleet. AAe utilizes new patented Magnetic Technology pioneered through former NASA Engineers and the University of Central Florida Magnetic Lab.
Brainjogging is a patented computer program which uses visual stimuli to enhance learning efficiency through the building and strengthening of synaptic connections. Although tutoring is effective in helping reiterate previously visited concepts, the brain must first be ready to learn before it can receive these concepts. This is where Brainjogging jumps in.

Corporate branding, logo design, Game Ui design and website
Cowart Residential
For more than 40 years, the Cowart name has been synonymous with quality single-family home building throughout the greater metropolitan Atlanta area. The Cowart family has built many well-crafted homes in beautiful residential communities they developed throughout Atlanta. The company’s stellar reputation for high quality construction and outstanding customer satisfaction is the Cowart legacy and brand.
Dan & Company  Studios
Dance is a way of life for Dan & Company Studios and has been since the school was established in 1971. Dan Youmans has built a national reputation as a dance educator, choreographer, and consultant. His primary interest is to make dance an educational part of the lives of every individual.
FODA Design
For over 15 years, members of the FODA Design team have designed some of the world’s leading spas and resorts. We have developed relationships with the hospitality industry’s leading operators, consultants, and developers. With our focus on the luxury market, FODA understands and exceeds the expectations of our clients. We strive to enhance our clients’ product and experience with our expertise.
We all have assets. Not the assets you may think, but assets that are much more powerful than all the cash in the world. These are our natural assets – the talents and passions we were born with. Some call it our God given talent. Some call it our “Flow”. Whatever you want to call it, we all have it. So, it’s time we all get off our assets and do something. g.o.y.a.d.s. verb (used with object), get off your assets and do something
HellaStorm is a privately held corporation developing hardware based network video storage acceleration technologies. HellaStorm is currently in “stealth mode” and releasing only limited data. Watch this space for more announcements coming soon.
International Motorsports, Inc.
The principle at, Kevin James, started training for car phone installation in 1986. Within two years he successfully mastered this trade, after he became familiar with the nuances and challenges presented by the various automobile manufacturers. Today his team of master craftsmen are capable of installing virtually all makes of phones in a wide sundry of vehicles. They specialize in providing seamless integration of the telephone/radar/laser into your automobile.
Keystone Benefit Group
Keystone Benefit Group is one of the preeminent executive benefit consulting firms in the country, specializing in providing services to tax-exempt organizations and their executive and physician employees.
LIVE Kitchens
Live Kitchens was created with one goal in mind; to help promote independent restaurant owners and chefs, that simple. In a risky business environment, where approximately 90% of all restaurants don’t make it past the first year, I wanted to highlight some great restaurants and share some great stories that are truly inspirational. To me, these folks are some of our bravest risk takers and entrepreneurs. We will not only visit restaurants but other interesting food service ventures such as festivals, BBQ cookoff’s, caterers, etc.
Los Badicales
Do you have what it takes to join the Los Badicales Team? Come find out and you may just get rewarded for your badicalness.
PlanitTour is a valuable resource for all members of the performance industry. It's purpose is to serve as your own virtual booking agent online by allowing you to set up, manage and book online contracts through our system. If you are a performer Planittour will allow you to create your own online contract and will allow people to book you at any time online. You may negotiate the process online, print your contract when finished or just leave it online for viewing at any time. Planittour is more then just contract management, you can also get connected to sponsors and venues through our system along with other performers.
Provado Inc.
Provodo has been created to continue to serve valued clients by providing high quality hotel furnishings at competitive pricing with exceptional customer service.
Rally Earth
Rally Earth’s mission is to reduce fundraising expenses and increase program awareness for charitable organizations and social enterprises by providing quality creative, marketing and consulting services. Most non-profits and early-stage social enterprises lack expertise internally to accomplish efficient and creative marketing campaigns, but also have to use too much of the precious resources of their donors to have a marketing presence. Because they have tight budgets, they rarely get the quality and ongoing consistency of marketing campaigns that we can provide.


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