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Who I am

I’m a whole-brain thinker (science/art, logic/emotion). I use system thinking to see the interconnections and figure out the process to get there with grace, dexterity and passion. I test knowledge and learn from my mistakes to grow, and help others grow in the process. My curiosity keeps me going and I embrace the uncertainty of new ideas and thoughts

Why I am

I’m sure it’s the mix between a strong, outspoken, Italian mother who instilled the concept of “just be good” combined with a strong, entrepreneurial father who encouraged me to find my own solution rather than giving me a simple handout that makes me the opinionated, self-driven wonderer that I am today…and I give all my gratitude to them.

How I roll

I am impeccable with my word, not because I have to (you do) but because I want to. If I tell you I am going to do it, you can consider it done. That’s just how I roll and I only ask others for the same in return.

My goal

My goal is to influence and aid every business to incorporate social responsibility into their business model. Baby steps are fine and actually work better than large leaps as your company begins to refine its values and positions around its products and services.

What I do

I take your beliefs and create the symbols that show who you are. Like a Harley Davidson patch, people (customers, clients, employees, partners) will be drawn to you because who you are and what you represent. And more importantly, they will look out for you.

Professional Bio

Craig Tilley is a social entrepreneur, dedicated to using his talents and knowledge in marketing and design to help fight climate change. Through his organization, Rally Earth, Craig commits his time and resources to providing creative, marketing and strategic services to renewable energy innovators and environmental protection organizations acting to preserve our beautiful planet and solving the climate crisis.

As a designer and marketing professional with over 15 years of agency experience, his marketing and creative strategies have been uniquely refined through various successful projects with brands such as CNN, AOL/Time Warner, Home Depot and GE Power Systems. Craig led the design team for presentation services at Turner Broadcasting where his experience included corporate branding and network sales promotions, including “sweeps marketing” for new seasons of cable programming for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TBS, TNT, Court TV and Turner Sports.

Before joining Turner Broadcasting, Craig founded a high-end creative marketing company that developed marketing solutions for over 100 companies to include Coca-Cola, GE Power Systems and Kimberly-Clark. He is a master in the art of developing corporate branding, advertising, and marketing solutions for an extensive variety of companies. Craig holds a BS degree in Marketing and Advertising from Florida State University and graduated top in his class with the honor of “Best Portfolio” from the Art Institute of Atlanta.


Strategic Marketing, Social Media, Design Concept and Production, Information Architecture, Brand Management, Corporate Branding, Advertising, Interactive Media, Operational Efficiency, Project Management.

From Start-Up To Finish

Craig has extensive experience in building a unique technology start-up from the ground up. The company is a socially networked community that holds users accountable, and builds relationships to maintain a fun, progressive, helpful local search environment while connecting customers and businesses directly through a patent pending, two-way messaging tool, This venture has been the most rewarding and revealing, taking him through the diverse ups and downs that come with the territory. From investor meetings to panel speeches, fund raising and vendor negotiations, he has developed a unique understanding of business operations, cost-cutting techniques and cross-business communications.


Doing his part to change the world for the better, Craig founded Rally Earth (, a company that provides 100% free awareness and fundraising assistance to non-profits, charities and worthy causes around the world. Because over $60 Billion of funds raised never make it to the actual cause due to fundraising and awareness efforts, Rally Earth’s mission is to eliminate these fundraising expenses and increase program awareness by providing free creative, marketing and PR services to charitable organizations and worthy causes.


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More Details

You can view some a la carte creative work samples here

Some videos and TV are here – I wrote, produced and edited all videos.

A start up company that I brought from concept to creation and per-launch beta can be found at The company, Webnabit, is based around an internet to mobile communication patent that I developed for the unique communication process. The business model combines local directory solutions with two-way messaging and social networking to provide accountable and safe consumer-to-business communication. I am selling the company and have some major interest for further investment from broker deals. I was able to sign up over 1,500 people in the first 30 days of per-launch with social outlets and $0.00 dollars spend on advertising and was mentioned along side Google, Yahoo, Yelp, AT&T and at the end of my first official month of operation. View the article here.

My time at Turner Broadcasting allowed me to work with several departments to ensure a maintained brand and marketing message on several projects at a time. These projects can not be shown due to internal privacy matters. I designed and implemented seasonal sales programs for CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TBS, TNT, Turner Sports and more. I was also lead designer and controlled the seasonal Upfront Shows for Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, and the acquisition of Court TV (re-branded to TruTV) all over the country, including Madison Square Garden and Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). My team and I coordinated and ran the show with lighting and production crews in several cities.

My Linkedin Profile –

I conceived, designed and launched Rally Earth, LLC ( in November and sold over $3,000 of amazon products by December and raised over $500 for charity with $0,00 spent on advertising.

Also, I am on the advisory board for a major start-up company in the B2C customer service tracking industry with potential of a Facebook buyout. I am also co-founder of a US-based distribution company for an international beauty product manufacturer. I am in the process of branding and creating the operational models to launch the business.

I am both a seasoned designer and marketing strategist. This allows me to formulate unique solutions from an outside perspective that will clearly communicate the marketing message. I have worked with several Fortune 500 companies, owned my own marketing companies, and am a technology startup survivor.