Creative Consultant / Designer / Marketing Strategist


Turning your unique identity into a remarkable story is the first step to maximizing your success.

The workforce of the past 30 years is over and now is the best time to understand your abilities and the true dynamics to make you wealthy and your business thrive. It’s time to reorient yourself to the new marketing world and your view of what you really offer.

As a marketing agent, creative consultant and business adviser, I formulate and implement the best strategies for a wide variety of solutions. My ability to analyze goals, create a game plan and utilize resources provides my clients with the best solutions for each specific situation.

  • New Concept Advisory
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Design & Messaging
  • Creative/Marketing Briefs
  • Corporate Branding
  • Brand Management
  • Video Production
  • Product Design
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Project Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Online/Offline Marketing
  • Interactive Media
  • Mobile App Interface Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding Social Media
  • Social Media Lead Generation
  • Social Network Ventures
  • Crowdsourcing Management
  • Social Media Team Building


Marketing Agent

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Any great marketing solution requires strategy, creativity and media to work in harmony.

It takes multiple resources to ensure this harmony of strategy, creativity and media placement, is done correctly. Choosing the right companies to work with is just as important, if not more important, than defining the right strategy for your marketing solution. In today’s chaotic world of new media solutions and overwhelming marketing options you need a specialist, an agent that knows the landscape and is looking out for you.

With partnerships in ties to the most creative minds in influential marketing agencies around, I surround myself with the most effective resources possible to get your job done right. These partnerships also allow me to maintain low agency pricing and pass those savings on to my clients.

Proper marketing is the core of a business. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business development. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create mutual value. Our marketing services include:

Planning & Insight

We uncover cultural insights that create new opportunities and meaning for brands. We start by discovering where our client’s business is today, where we think it can go, and how we can develop platforms to get them to a prosperous future.

We have the knowledge and experience to advise you where you should be headed and what you should be doing to create impactful, integrated, measurable strategic platforms and campaigns.

Connections & Placement

We look at the entire media ecosystem and where the consumer is actually interacting and using that media. We then integrate your brand into the conversation.

Whether it’s print, outdoor, digital, search, radio, we look at the consumer target and design solutions for brand awareness and demand, customer acquisition, social media, and opt-in engagements.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the best ways to market your business at a low cost. The only issue with SEO is that it must be maintained on a regular basis or you loose your momentum and position.

Think of a balloon with a hole in it. If you stop blowing, the balloon will start shrinking. Our clients need to be the best at what they do. They don’t have time to deal with maintaining an online presence while trying to run a business.

Social Media Marketing

Like SEO, networking through social media is a low cost activity that you could do yourself. But also like SEO, there is a lot of time and involvement in keeping up with the ever changing networking world. You must engage these communities without blatantly pushing your business. Social networks listen to each other for advice and help finding products and service professionals.

Reputation Management

Businesses rely on their customers to pass the word related to their products and services. It has been, and will always be, a key factor in running a successful company. Word-of-mouth is good until it becomes bad. Just one negative comment or post could severely effect your business.

Today, you must be aware of what is being said about you and your business at all times. We monitor our clients reputation and provide fast, effective crisis solutions in case of negative publicity and malicious activity.

Having a solid reputation is critical . We can build a solid reputation to prepare your company and get you back in return your good standings much quicker if a crisis should arise.

Paid Advertising and SEM

From traditional advertising to online banner and video ads, paid advertising was once the only choice when it came to marketing your business. Although there are new and creative ways to get noticed, paid advertising still works if used correctly .

We combine the right elements of paid and organic marketing efforts to create an engaging, influential campaign to get your business noticed and talked about.

Strategic Solutions

There are new products and services launched everyday to help your business grow and become more productive. Countless hours and money are wasted changing to new solutions that could be obsolete faster than it took to implement into your business.

We work with the top companies to stay on top of what’s now, what’s new and what will work for your business.


We focus on engagement. There are four levels of engagement, and as consumers move through these levels, their emotional engagement with your brand starts to grow. These four levels include:

  1.  Involvement – how many people come to your site, how many page views.
  2. Interaction – registering
  3. Intimacy – blog postings, social media
  4. Influence – recommending to friends, sending links to friends

We use data continually to improve the user experience . Data not only measures success, but also plays an indispensable role in strategy.

We benchmark our efforts by setting attainable objectives and the type of demographic desired. These efforts are checked in increments of three months, starting at six months out to measure the “before,” “during” and “after” of a campaign.

Creative Consultant

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A good strategy is only as good as the design and deployment of the marketing solution.

Creativity thrives when multiple entities are involved. As your creative consultant, I leverage a wide range of creative outlets and ensure that your brand and marketing messages remain consistent throughout the entire engagement of your marketing programs.

As a seasoned designer and creative marketing professional, I am able to throw together visual ideas and communicate with specialized vendors in order to get the job done right and at the lowest cost possible.

We create engaging experiences that span multi-channel platforms to enhance the relationship between the brand and the consumer. We believe that any great solution requires strategy, creativity and media to work in harmony. Our creative services include:

Branding and Identity

Brand development is central to all our work. In a world where relationship is everything, your brand must become not only memorable, but also useful. It must stay consistent across all media.

The brand is the most important element in creating enterprise value. A formidable brand maintains a consistent execution through positioning, character and affinity strategies. We know that a correct strategy without excellent execution will fail, and we give branding the recognition it needs.

Visual Design

Our visual department builds brands through the use of graphic design. It is crucial for this design to collaborate with other disciplines and aptitudes . Our interaction with proven designers creates visually appealing, functional, interfaces; and we collaborate with copywriters to create clear and powerful messages.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design

Your success is extremely dependent on how consumers interact with your brand. We create interfaces that consumers want to visit, use, and return to.

The attitude of your website reflects on your company. It can be the reason a consumer desires to learn more, or clicks off out of boredom and indifference.

We develop custom interfaces, websites and applications, seamlessly combining emerging technologies with best-in-class business practices to allure consumers and get your message across loud, clear and effectively.


The digital world contains a large amount of content — advertising, corporate and product websites, blogs and social media, editorial content, video demos, and more. It is more important than ever to have clear call to action messaging that extends into structured outlets to bring the viewer down the path of the desired outcome. As digital agencies collaborate with clients, they need to be able to create more traditional forms of copywriting. We do it all.

Video and Motion Graphics

Internet video is the fastest growing medium in history. As Internet connections mobile devices allow for easier and faster viewing of video, there has been a spike in online video sharing. More and more businesses are turning to video to create a compelling video explanation of their products and services.

Whether you want to develop a visual ad campaign, promotional video, PowerPoint presentation, or a full on commercial, we can produce, distribute and track your video’s performance.

Print and Graphic Design

From illustration and package design, to photo scanning and retouching, our print and graphic design services have you covered from concept to completion.

Business Adviser

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From supply chain management to customer relations, your business is constantly being tested through your ability to deliver superior service to your customers.

With so many options and new ways to leverage your companies revenue, how do you know the right choices for your business goals?

Progress suffers from each faulty process. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day grime that conditions your company to run less efficient as it grows. Utilizing a set number of steps and principles could me the difference in a self-sustaining business, a growing company or a slow sinking ship. You must act on key operational processes and utilize outsourced third parties where beneficial and practical.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and start-up survivor, I have learned a great deal about all corners of the business cube and both side of the coin when dealing with vendors, partners and investors.

Concentrating your energy and resources on transforming complexity into straightforward, actionable plans is critical for growth. Our consulting services are here to help business owners formulate plans that can be communicated, executed and measured.


A clear strategy is essential for success. We help start-ups identify their market, create a clear value proposition and develop a plan for sales and marketing execution.

Go-To-Market & Launch

We help you achieve accelerated growth by aiding you in defining and executing growth strategies, obtaining customers and accelerating sales. We will help you establish effective partnerships, marketing campaigns and sales channels with hands-on execution,

Sales & Channel Development

We specialize in creating sales and channeling success. More and more companies are selling through partners, developers, and even through their own customers. We will be there to air you every step of the way.

Growth Strategies & Partnerships

Expanding your business involves many strategic and innovative tactics. We help you identify your strategic growth patterns, eliminating potential barriers, and setting you up for sustainable growth


In today’s philanthropic marketplace, you must be aware of what it takes to get the results to . succeed. Rally Earth can provide the strategy and creativity you need to prosper. Whether you are in need of a campaign, or help with a fund-raising program, we can provide the most successful solutions from sources that have conducted countless successful campaigns for hundreds of organizations with goals totaling in the billions of dollars.

International Adviser

As the business World gets smaller, we find ourselves with new opportunities opening up outside the United States. These opportunities bring new cultures and a new set of rules for business relationships and company operations.

I have begun cultivating foreign relationships to enhance nation-to-nation operations and communications, and to ensure understanding of American culture. If you are a business outside of the United States and could use some help and insight into us crazy American’s, I would be proud to take your call.

Bringing It All Together

Simply put, I listen, analyze the situation, create a strategy, and develop the most effective solution while fighting for the most affordable costs to reach my clients goals.

By leveraging relationships, I get my clients the most cost-effective solutions for each area of their business solution. Whether it’s video production, social media marketing, business efficiency, creative copy writing, website and graphic design, branding and corporate identity, or a mix of any of the above, I’m here to make sure my clients are satisfied with the quality, process and results.


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